Testing out my Holbein water brush

So I bought this Holbein Water brush a friend told me about and it’s actually really good. I went to Straits Commercial to ask for the brush and I was surprised when the lady told me that it was at the kid section of the store. I doubted the quality of the brush because it was placed at the kid section, added to the fact that it was around $7, I thought I was going to waste my allowance. I was wrong. The brush is really good because it gives off the right amount of water on every stroke so it’s good on blending and and it helps you achieve that seamless blend of color.

I actually used different brushes for this–Colorpro brushes from Straits Commercial and the Holbein water brush. The watercolor I used are Van Gogh watercolors, and yes, the illustration is Van Gogh-inspired. Forgive me, I just went to the Van Gogh Alive exhibit at the ArtScience Museum and I still got a bit of a hangover from it.