When I was a kid, I wanted to become an astronomer. I was a total dork, I could recite to you the names Jupiter’s major satellites. I mean, Jupiter’s moons. When I was 10, the whole grade school department had a sleep-over at our school for a star-gazing event. While the speaker was telling us about the difference between meteors, comets and asteroids, my classmates were all falling asleep and I was the only one listening. I knew then that I wanted to be an astronomer. My parents even bought me these big, colorful and expensive books about the solar system, stars and all the things a 10-year-old girl should know about Astronomy. I devoured every single book until I could recognize every constellation. Unfortunately, I eventually realized that I wasn’t very good at Science and I was really bad at Math, my dreams of becoming an Astronomer were put aside as I started to learn how to NOT pay attention in class by drawing. I was not a very good student, I know.

I still love Astronomy. I could no longer give you the names of Jupiter’s moons but I still put an effort to watch the Leonid meteor shower. I still geek over any interesting news about our solar system, and I find comfort in staring at this wonderful Tumblr site called NASA. Anyway, I’ve forgotten a lot about Astronomy now so I’m just going to show you illustrations inspired by my childhood ambition.

“I Wanted To Be An Astronomer”
Watercolor on rough watercolor paper. October 2011.

“Wither Wander You?”
The title is a line from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, btw.
Watercolor on rough watercolor paper. October 2011.

“Second-hand book and Second-hand Smoke”
Watercolor on rough watercolor paper. October 2011.